When do I apply for Chain authorization ?

With a Chain authorization allows organizations to authorize other organizations, to purchase an online service on their behalf with eHerkenning.

Chain authorizations are especially useful for organizations that want to use certain services accessible with eHerkenning through an intermediary (an intermediary).

Does your organization have a complex holding structure and all matters for the UWV, for example, are handled from one central entity?

Complex holding structure(10+)

Organizations with a complex holding structure can also benefit from a Chain authorization . In that case, a central entity can act as an intermediary and a Chain authorization offers a solution.

The Chain authorization allows operating companies with their own Chamber of Commerce number to authorize the central entity. One or more users can then be created from within the central entity. The user(s) can then log in on behalf of all organization from which the central entity has received an organization authorization, by means of the Chain authorization.