What do you need before starting the application?

> Your own personal data (the user of the eHerkenning ).
A eHerkenning is personal. The eRecognition application should be started with the user' s own e-mail address and own cell phone number of the user of the eHerkenning. Later in the process, you may be asked to provide valid identification.

> Details of the organization's authorized representative (if not the same as the user)
During the process, you will be asked to provide valid proof of identity

> The Chamber of Commerce number of the organization.
You must provide a Chamber of Commerce extract or you may choose for us to do that for you. 

> Don't have eHerkenning yet and want to apply for multiple organizations?
Please first apply for means for one of the organizations. Later, you can very easily add additional organizations to your login tool via your account in "My Reconi".