What do you need before starting the application?

CAUTION: eHerkenning EH2+ is not suitable for logging into the Belastingdienst

> Your own personal data (the user of the eHerkenning ).
A eHerkenning is personal. The eRecognition application should be started with the user' s own e-mail address and own cell phone number of the user of the eHerkenning. Later in the process, you may be asked to provide valid identification.

> Details of the organization's authorized representative (if not the same as the user)
During the process, you will be asked to provide valid proof of identity

> The Chamber of Commerce number of the organization.

>Do you not yet have eHerkenning and want to apply for multiple organizations?

If so, please request a means for one of the organizations first. Later, you can very easily add additional organizations to your login tool through your account in "My Reconi".