Installation of SBR Server Certificates

Click here for the "Certificate Request Assistant" installation guide.
For the manual ".pfx creation on Mac OS" click here

At Reconi, you always receive Free installation warranty with premium support worth €60.
The premium package includes certificate installation guarantee and entitles you to extensive customer service during the application and ordering process. This means that Reconi takes the worry off your hands by supporting you through the entire process from ordering, subscriber registration, certificate application to certificate installation. In doing so, we also ensure that your certificate is installed in your tax software package.

Installation instructions professional and personal certificates

The manual below contains instructions for installing your smart card reader and for using your digital certificates on smart card. Please read this document carefully before installing software or connecting the smart card reader. For proper operation, it is important to follow the following sequence of steps:

Phase 1: Installation and connection of smart card reader.
Phase 2: Installation of SafeSign software.
Phase 3: Using your smart card with digital certificates.

Manual installation software and certificates
Manual installation smartcard and certificates

SafeSign Middleware Software
Uninstalling the old version of SafeSign
Download SafeSign Cleaner

Download and install SafeSign for Windows
SafeSign Smartcard middleware software [64 bits].

Master Certificates
As a rule, PKIoverheid root certificates are installed automatically. If desired, you can manually install the root certificates on your system.
KPN PKIoverheid G3 CA hierarchy

Questions about PKI government certificates?
We are happy to help!