Who are we?

Reconi is the eHerkenning and PKI government specialist. eHerkenning makes it easier for companies and government service providers to do business with each other electronically. We offer security on the Internet and protect our clients' privacy. The government approved Reconi (then CreAim) as an Approved Provider back in 2010 eHerkenning.

Reconi is a reliable and customer-oriented organization committed to providing our customers with the latest technology and the best products and services. Our strategy is to stay ahead. We do this by constantly simplifying, expanding and innovating our login tools.

More than 200,000 Dutch organizations have one or more eHerkenning means from Reconi. Our eHerkenningingsmiddelen can be used to gain access to more than 1,000 secure government websites.

Since February 2, 2019, we have been called Reconi

Phased transition
In 2018, we already took the first step in this and continued as CreAim | Reconi. During the year 2019, we fully transitioned to Reconi.

With a new name comes, of course, a new logo. We are an electronic access service and this is symbolized by the key shape in the logo. You can also see the "R" of Reconi in this key shape.

Our services remain unchanged. Through 'My Reconi' you can manage your resources and authorizations, change your information and renew. For all other questions, please contact us.