What is a Chain authorization?

With a Chain authorization organizations can authorize other organizations, to purchase an online service on their behalf with eHerkenning. Chain authorizations are especially useful for organizations that want to use certain services accessible with eHerkenning through an intermediary (an agent). The organization's employee or authorization manager then does not necessarily need a eHerkenning themselves. The advantage for the intermediary is that he can use one eHerkenning to log into services for which he is authorized on behalf of several companies. He then does not need to apply for another separate eHerkenning for each company he represents.

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Adding additional organization to your existing eHerkenning

If you want to log in on behalf of multiple organizations with eHerkenning you can use a additional authorization link to your existing eHerkenning.

Chain authorization For a complex Holding structure (10+ operating companies)

Does your organization have a complex holding structure and all matters for the UWV, for example, are handled from one central entity. Then a Chain authorization can offer a solution. In that case, a central entity can act as an intermediary and Chain authorization offers a solution. The Chain authorization allows the operating companies with their own Chamber of Commerce number to authorize the central entity. One or more users can then be created from the central entity. The user(s) can then log in on behalf of all organization from which the central entity has received an organization authorization, by login tool of the Chain authorization.

To apply for Chain authorization , two forms must be completed:

Registration form A, organization Chain authorization
With the registration form organization Chain authorization an organization (A) issues an Chain authorization to another organization (B, usually an intermediary). Organization A outsources or delegates work to organization B. Organization B receives the Chain authorization with which it may act on behalf of organization A.

Registration form B, user Chain authorization
The registration form user Chain authorization allows organization B (usually an intermediary) to request authorizations for users within organization B. These users are given a login tool and authorization so that they can perform work for all organizations linked with Registration Form A.

Login to the UWV werkgeversportaal, file with the Chamber of Commerce or submit to DNB

A Chain authorization allows other organizations to authorize your organization to log into the UWV Employer Portal on their behalf. If you want to file financial statements with the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of a client, or subsidiaries, you can do so through the Chamber of Commerce website. To log on to this website you need to have eHerkenning level EH2. For submitting reports via the Digital Reporting Desk at DNB, you need to have eHerkenning level EH3.

Please note:
For logging in at the RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland), services with assurance level EH2 and EH2+ can NOT use Chain authorizations. For applying for TVL (Tegemoetkoming Vaste Lasten) and the WBSO (new application portal) a Chain authorization at assurance level EH3 can be used.