eHerkenning applications

Below is an overview of frequently asked questions regarding "eHerkenning requests":

You can use the tax number by which you are known to the Dutch Belastingdienst. Click here for all the information you need to apply for eHerkenning without a CoC number.

You can find all information about the supporting documents to be provided at this page under 'Evidence authority'.

Yes, eHerkenning EH3 is suitable for filing your dividend tax return. You can apply for a regular eHerkenning EH3but also the Limited Belastingdienst EH3 login tool is also suitable for this purpose.

If you already have eHerkenning but no Dividend Tax Authorization, you can add an additional authorization EH3 add to your eHerkenning by logging on to My Reconi.

If you already have the Restricted Belastingdienst EH3 login tool, you do not need to add anything to your eHerkenning. You will have automatic access and can log in at Belastingdienst for your Dividend.

Step 1: Log in via My Reconi or via:

Step 2: Click the User icon at the top and click [Preferences].

Step 3: Check the last option.

You now have under [My Account] -> [My Permissions] the option "Add additional organization without a Chamber of Commerce number.

You can find all information about the supporting documents to be provided at this page under 'Evidence authority'.

You can become authorization manager by adding a new authorization via My Reconi. If you are independent authorized representative , the administrator permissions are automatically added during the application process. For all other authorizations, administrator permissions can be added to the application at no cost by answering "Yes" to the question below.

Your Admin authorizations hereby receive the same end date as the corresponding login authorization.

Click here to learn more about Reconi's Management module

The processing time of eHerkenning applications varies between 0 - several days

Are you in a hurry with your application due to a deadline, for example? Then you can use our unique urgent procedure. This allows the application to be processed on priority and thus at short notice, provided the instructions are followed.

Through My Reconiportal , a authorization manager has the ability, through one application, to request eHerkenning for multiple users or upgrade existing logins. However, it is not possible for a authorization manager to upgrade multiple existing eHerkenningmiddelen at the same time.

Click here for more information (from step 6)

EH3 is a higher assurance level and this level requires personal identification for a user who is authorized representative or not employed.

Considerations when applying for a deregistered/bankrupt organization:

  • The custodian of books and records is not authorized to sign the application eHerkenning .
  • If no authorized representative is included in the (parent) extract of the Chamber of Commerce, no eHerkenning can be requested.
  • If the organization has not yet been effectively deregistered or dissolved from the Chamber of Commerce, you should apply for a regular eHerkenning .
  • The validity of this type of eHerkenning is one year and is only suitable for logging in at Belastingdienst and/or UWV.
  • The eHerkenning for deregistered organization can only be requested with an e-mail address not already known within Reconi.

What do I need to apply eHerkenning for a deregistered/failed organization?

  • A recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce. You can contact the Chamber of Commerce for this.
  • A valid form of identification.
  • There will be a personal identification, this will be performed by means of an app from our external partner AMP Group. After submitting the application, you will receive an email from AMP Group. Through this email, you will receive a link to download the free AMP Group App. This will allow you to identify yourself remotely through the AMP Group Online Identification APP. 
  • The form is intended for deregistered organization
  • This form should be signed by the authorized representative(s) registered on the CoC extract and sent by mail.

To start the application: click here

To apply for eHerkenning , the denomination or umbrella organization must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC).

A denomination is a special form of a private organization, so names of directors and church members will not be published.

In order to still establish the competence of the persons involved in application, Reconi additionally uses the following procedures:

assurance level EH2 and EH2+
The issuance of eHerkenning with assurance level EH2 or EH2+ requires:
1. the statutes of the organization
2. the minutes of a board meeting
3. a bank transaction of €0.01

assurance level EH3
The issuance of eHerkenning with assurance level EH3 requires:
1. the organization's bylaws
2. the minutes of a board meeting
3. a bank transaction of €0.01
4. a statement indicating that the person may act as legal representative

If you wish to apply for eHerkenning for a VvE, we may ask for additional documentation during the validation of your application.

Always check the authority of the representative(s) first. For more explanation on this, click here.

To login to the EU Customs Trader Portal, you need a eHerkenning of assurance level EH3. To apply for eHerkenning , follow the step-by-step plan.

This depends on where you want to log in and the assurance level the service provider requires of you to log in with them, see our overview of service providers.

Please note that in order to apply for eHerkenning with assurance level EH4, you must already have a PKIoverheid personal or professional certificate. A PKIoverheid server certificate, also known as an SBR certificate, cannot be used for this purpose.

When in doubt, please contact our helpdesk

At Reconi, you can apply for the following eRecognition tools:

EH2 with a combination of username and password.
EH2+ with a combination of username, PIN and verification code via your Mobile phone.
EH3 with a combination of username, pincode and verification code via your Mobile phone.
EH4 in combination with a PKIoverheid certificate.

eHerkenning applications

When requesting eHerkenning with assurance level EH4, we will ask you for your Thumbprint. This can be found by connecting your certificate to your computer and then performing the following actions:

  1. Open your internet browser
  2. Go to "Internet options"
  3. Choose "Content"
  4. Select "Certificates"
  5. For your full first and last names, choose "" (For G3 type "")
  6. Select "View"
  7. Select "Details"
  8. There you will find your Thumbprint at the bottom

A eHerkenning is a personal means. This means that we may not issue eHerkenning where the user's specified information does not match the information in the email address provided. Thus, you must provide your own personal (company) email address on the registration form or a general email address of the organization.

We are also required to notify the specified authorized representative . These notification(s) are sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the authorized representative. For this purpose, the authorized representative must also provide his/her own personal (company) e-mail address on the registration form. If the authorized representative prefers not to be notified, you have the option of appointing a authorization manager . More information about appointing a authorization manager can be found here.

eHerkenning is a secure and reliable login tool that allows you to log in with service providers (e.g., UWV, municipalities, Belastingdienst and insurers).

With eHerkenning , you can identify yourself online to securely exchange confidential data with other organizations. The great convenience is that you can log into multiple organizations with one login tool . That means fewer passwords to remember. You also choose how you want to log in. Safe, easy and reliable.

Not all the information you need to exchange needs to be equally secure. A login tool is therefore available at different levels of reliability. Choose the level required by the organizations you want to log in to or choose a higher level. Then you can be sure that you can continue to conduct your business online quickly and securely. Reconi can provide you with any level eHerkenning.

For more information on the different confidence levels and applications from eHerkenning, click here.

To make sure you are requesting the correct permissions, please check with the service provider you wish to log in with.

View here the list of affiliated service providers

Information about the My Reconi Management module can be found at: module/.

Admin authorizations you can request in several ways:

Are you independently qualified?
If you have a eHerkenning or additional authorization (organization) request, you will receive standard Admin authorizations for alle diensten.

Are you not independently authorized?
Then while completing the application you can indicate at step: "authorization" that you also want to be authorization manager (see image below), there are no additional costs involved.

To send your request by registered mail, please use our office address.

Pieter Lieftinckweg 11
1505 HX Zaandam

Any system for identification at login costs money. However, there is a distinctive difference between DigiD and eHerkenning. The cost of DigiD is paid for by the government through tax revenue. So everyone pays for it, regardless of whether you use it or not. The costs for Eherkenning are not paid from tax revenue and are therefore only charged to the entrepreneurs who use it.

For more information on requesting Chain authorization, click here.

For the step-by-step plan To request a Chain authorization, click here.

Are you a authorization manager? For the step-by-step plan to apply for a Chain authorization, click here.

No, this is not possible. An authorization form can only be used to add an additional organization to an existing eHerkenning or to add additional authorizations (access to additional services/service providers) to an existing user. For more information about additional authorizations, click here.

Requesting a new eHerkenning can be done through this page.

To add an additional organization to an existing eHerkenning or to add additional authorizations (access to additional services/service providers), please use an authorization form.

The number of people who can request eHerkenning on behalf of an organization is unlimited, as eHerkenning is person-specific, making it impossible to use one means with multiple people. Thus, it is clear who, performs which actions and you as authorized representative can even choose to limit the authorizations issued.

Which attachments you need to send along depends on the assurance level you are requesting and how authority is arranged within the organization. Consider:

- A copy of valid identification documents of the persons involved in the application
- A recent Chamber of Commerce extract (not older than two weeks) - The registration form signed in pen. If an independent authorized representative eHerkenning applies for himself, this document is not required.
- After an initial check, it is possible that we will request additional documents. Think of statutes, statement of a file, minutes, etc.

To start a urgent procedure, please follow the steps below:

  1. Request the eHerkenning by visiting our website and collect the requested documents
  2. Then start the urgent procedure using the form: urgent application submit
  • urgent applications are processed within 0 - a few days (depending on complexity). For the urgent procedure you pay an additional € 50.
    If necessary, the person(s) to be identified will receive an invitation for personal online identification in the near future.
    For more information on personal identification, click here.

Requesting eHerkenning can be done through this link and you can use the following step-by-step plan use.

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