Easily upgrade your eHerkenning to EH2, EH2+ or EH3 in five steps

You want to upgrade your current eHerkenning to a higher assurance level. Please review the step-by-step plan in advance so you know what information you need to upgrade.

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Step 1: What do you wish to use eHerkenning for?

When upgrading, you must again choose which service providers you want to log in with. You must have a eHerkenning authorization for each service provider. This proves that you are authorized to log in.

assurance level: The service provider you will be logging into determines the assurance level you need. The overview of service providers provides a current overview of what assurance level the various services require.

Authorizations: An authorization gives you access to one particular service provider. You can choose specific permissions or an authorization for alle diensten.

Step 2: What data do you need to upgrade your eHerkenning?

During the upgrade, we ask you to check the data known to us and to fill in certain data again. When upgrading to EH2 and above, please provide authorized representative .

See the page authorized representative for more information on what is meant by authorized representative.

What further data you need to provide depends on the assurance level. In the table to the right you can see what data is requested for each assurance level .

If the new level of service provider is not yet known you might consider upgrading to EH3. EH3 is the most frequently chosen login tool and with this login tool you are always in the right place.

* If the user is not employed by the organization, the applicant must send a copy of the user's identification with the application.

** Upload CoC extract is necessary when the authority cannot be automatically established at the Chamber of Commerce. You will automatically be notified of this during the application process.

Step 3: How do you start an upgrade?

Using the data collected, you can upgrade your login tool . By logging on to My Reconi you can start your upgrade. After this, you can go through the application process online.

Step 4: Physical identification & registration form with wet signature

assurance level EH3 may require you to be physically identified (for example, if you are authorized representative yourself). This is performed by our partner AMP Group. They will visit you to identify you. You will receive an invitation to this by email.

If you are not authorized representative , for EH3 you must have the registration form signed with a wet signature by the authorized representative(s) and send it by mail.


Step 5: Processing upgrade

In the application, make sure all information is entered correctly and all attachments are included.