eHerkenning For Combined Declaration

Every year, as an agricultural entrepreneur, you must complete the combined statement. To arrange this online, you must log in with eHerkenning assurance level 2+ via the website Below are the steps you need to follow to request eHerkenning:

1. Open the EH2+ registration form
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2. Complete the registration form
Due to our link with the Chamber of Commerce register, after entering the Chamber of Commerce number, the registration form is automatically pre-filled in part. The second step asks for the details of the authorized representative. Then in the third step you can enter the details of the user. At the authorizations tab, you can specify the validity period of the eHerkenning . In addition, at level 2+, you need to select at least the following authorization for making the combined statement:

  • Service provider:
  • Service:

3. Print out the registration form and get it signed
After the application is completed, the PDF version of the registration form can be downloaded immediately. A copy of the registration form is also emailed to the authorized representative and the user. The registration form should be printed out and signed by the authorized representative and the user of the means entered on the form.

4. Collect the necessary attachments and send them by mail
The original signed registration form must then be sent by mail to Reconi, together with a copy of valid identification of the authorized representative and the user and an extract from the Chamber of Commerce, which is not older than 14 days. For the CoC extract, a printout of the "View Extract" option on the CoC website is required. website of the Chamber of Commerce is sufficient.

5. Processing application and delivery of eRecognition tools by Reconi
The incoming mail items are validated for correctness and completeness by Reconi on the day of receipt. The user then receives an e-mail with the confirmation of the username and a text message with the initial password, which the user can change if desired. No physical delivery takes place. The delivery is completely digital.

If you have any questions
please contact our helpdesk.

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