eHerkenning For the UWV employer portal

Since Nov. 22, 2018, business owners have been able to log in to the UWV employer portal at eHerkenning . The UWV has opted for a transition period. On November 1, 2019, the existing accounts for the Employer Portal will expire and entrepreneurs will only be able to log in with eHerkenning . To log in to the UWV Employer Portal, assurance level EH3 is required.

In addition to UWV, the Belastingdienst, Chamber of Commerce, RDW, RVO, DUO and the municipality of The Hague have also by 2020 switched to eHerkenning with assurance level EH3. 

Do you act as an intermediary? Check out the possibilities of a Chain authorization

Logging in as a sole proprietor
Logging in on behalf of a sole proprietor is possible only when the authorized representative is also the user of the eHerkenning.

Foreign company without a branch in the Netherlands? Then unfortunately you cannot yet log in with eHerkenning. For more information, please visit the website of the UWV.


Step 1

Before you begin, gather the right data. Use our step-by-step plan.

Step 2

Click "Apply" below.

Step 3

You now have a eHerkenning!

For logging into UWV, you can choose from the following permissions:

  • UWV - View financial data for own-risk carriers WGA and WW
  • UWV - Viewing reintegration data for self-insured WW carriers.
  • UWV - Reporting and viewing absenteeism data Sickness Act and WAZO
  • UWV - Submitting and viewing reintegration data WIA
  • UWV - View benefit data Sickness Act and WAZO
  • UWV - Jobs agreement and quota labor restrictions.
  • UWV - Control self-insured carriers
  • UWV - Submitting resignation request
  • UWV - UWV employee portal
  • UWV - Making an objection
  • UWV - UWV -
  • UWV - Applying for a work permit
  • UWV - Changing company information
  • UWV - Temporarily less work

For logging into UWV Jobcoach Portal, you can choose from the following permissions:

  • Jobcoach Portal

For logging into UWV NOW, you can choose from the following permissions:

  • Fill out forms bridging Emergency measure bridging employment

To log in to UWV, you can choose from the following permissions:

  • seekers

Caution! Apply eHerkenning without a branch number

The UWV application does not support establishment numbers. As a result, users restricted by establishment number cannot access UWV werkgeversportaal.