eHerkenning EH3 by July 1, 2024 mandatory for My Cadastre

For a number of services in My Cadastre and for all (1st) administrators, logging in with eHerkenning will become mandatory as of July 1, 2024. These services are classified as assurance level EH3. You can already log in with eHerkenning on My Land Registry now.

  • BRK Notifications
  • BRK Notifications ETO
  • Correcting split request
  • ESD
  • INSPIRE View application
  • INSPIRE request grid information
  • Land Registry-on-line
  • KIK Insight (web service)
  • Kadata Internet
  • KLIC Updating documents.
  • KLIC Updating network information.
  • KLIC Authorize SP
  • KLIC Management communication
  • KLIC Manage interest
  • KLIC Manage contacts
  • KLIC manage feedback
  • KLIC Assess Interest
  • KLIC view status (VG)
  • KLIC Grid Operator Test Service
  • KLIC retrieval AT info
  • KLIC Consult interest
  • KLIC Damage Registration
  • KLIC web service
  • KLIC web service Test service
  • KLIC manage network operator feedback
  • LV WOZ Production
  • LV WOZ Test Environment
  • Split
  • SYVAS API enrollment
  • SYVAS enrollment & conditions
  • Training Splits
  • Unite

An interview about experiences with eHerkenning and helpful
tips for management.

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You can already log in with eHerkenning on
My Land Registry.

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