What do you need before starting the application?

  • The Chamber of Commerce number of your intermediary
  • The Chamber of Commerce number of your own organization
  • A Mobile phone
  • The details and a copy of identification of the signatory of your organization

Step 1: Start application process

To start the Chain authorization application click here or copy the following link: https://mijn.eh.reconi.nl/registratie/intermediair/Chainauthorization.

Do you have eHerkenning at Reconi?
Then log in at My Reconi. Under "My Account," choose "My Permissions" and click "Request New Chain authorizations " to start an Chain authorization request and proceed to Step 8

No Chamber of Commerce number but have a Dutch tax number?
For organizations without a CoC number, but with a Dutch tax number, there is the possibility to provide a Chain authorization based on the tax number. With this Chain authorization an intermediary can log in to the belastingdienst. To start the application process Click Here

Step 2: Email validation

Enter your email address and resolve the reCAPTCHA. Then click [Next].


Step 3: Email validation

An e-mail has been sent to the e-mail address provided.
Open the e-mail message to continue the request process.


Step 4: Email validation

Open the email message and click on the blue field to confirm your email address and continue the application process.


Step 5: Mobile number validation

Enter your mobile number and click [Next].


Step 6: Mobile number validation

A code has just been sent by SMS to the phone number provided.
Enter the one-time code and click [Next].


Step 7: Choose your password

Choose a 5-digit password and click [Next].


Step 8: Intermediary data.

Enter the Chamber of Commerce number of your intermediary (the organization to be authorized).


Step 9: Check the intermediary data

Check that the data shown matches your intermediary's data. If in doubt, contact your intermediary.


Step 10: Enter your Chamber of Commerce number.

Now enter the Chamber of Commerce number of the organization for which you want to provide an organization Chain authorization (your own organization).


Step 11: Check your organization information.

Your organization's details are automatically retrieved from the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) based on the CoC number entered.


Step 12: Select the desired permissions

Select the authorizations for which the intermediary should be authorized.


Step 13: Demonstrate authority

Choose whether to provide the required CoC extract yourself or have Reconi request it.


Step 14: Enter authorized representatives

You now have the opportunity to enter the details of the organization's authorized representative .
To do so, click on the green button [authorized representative add].


Step 15: Enter authorized representatives.

Enter the requested information from the authorized representative and click [Save].


Step 16: Enter authorized representatives

Verify that all required authorized representatives are specified and click [Next].


Step 17: Check the billing address

You now have the option to specify a different billing address and/or PO/Reference number.


Step 18: Check the summary of your application

Using the summary displayed, check that all data has been entered correctly.
If everything has been entered correctly, accept the terms and conditions and select [Order].


Step 19: Follow-up steps

Upload the required the required the required documents.


Step 20: Add files

Drag the desired files into the box to upload them or click on the box to upload files to select a file.


Step 21: Follow-up steps

After all required documents have been added, choose [Finalize].


Step 22: Follow-up steps

Print the registration form and, after signature by the specified authorized representatives, mail it to:

PO Box 244
1500EE Zaandam


Below is a sample registration form.