How does linking work within "My Reconi"?

As authorization manager you are authorized to link a user to an organization you are authorization manager of. After linking, the user becomes visible to you as authorization manager and you can request permissions for him/her within "My Reconi".

1. Log on to "My Reconi"
2. Click on the "Administration" tab and go to "Requests"

3. Click on the "New Request" button.
4. Select the appropriate organization and enter the user's email address
5. The user will receive an email, asking them to accept the linking request
6. After the request is accepted, permissions can be requested for this user

Example: You are authorization manager of two bv's (bv 1 and bv 2). Employee A has a eHerkenning linked only to bv 1, but he also wishes to perform work for bv 2. To make this user visible, submit a link request and then you can request permissions for him/her.