My Customs available as of March 31, what does this mean for you?

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You are used to submitting excise tax returns and requests for refunds of excise and consumption taxes through the Entrepreneur Portal Belastingdienst. This is about to change.

The interaction between Customs and business will be increasingly digitized in the coming years. As of March 31, 2021, a number of excise processes will be started. My Customs plays an important role in this.

Unlike in the Entrepreneur Portal Belastingdienst , a declaration or request in My Customs can be saved in the interim. Other advantages are:

  • Based on the goods and quantities indicated, the amounts are pre-filled. (The amount pre-filled by the system can be changed manually);
  • Once signed, the form can be downloaded and saved;
  • Provision of up to 3 email addresses to receive notifications and receipt confirmations;
  • Status, date of status assignment and deadline for submission are displayed (with additional attention signal when the deadline is imminent);
  • Legal deadlines are part of the system's control;
  • Detected irregularities are reported in the portal.

This will greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the excise process.

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To log in to My Customs, companies must have eHerkenning level 3. To request eHerkenning , a company must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce (in the Trade Register) and have an RSIN (a tax number).  

 In preparation for the transition to My Customs, we recommend that businesses request eHerkenning now for the "My Customs Manage Contact Information" and "My Customs Declaration and Excise Refund" services. Click here to request EH 3

 If a company wants to be authorized, it will need a (chain) authorization. These preparations can also be made now. Click here to request a Chain authorization .

Expanding services

In stages, more and more functionalities and excise processes are being added to My Customs. For example, the search and archive function will be further improved and it will be possible to make Ideal payments through the portal. My Customs is expected to be set up for EMCS in the second half of 2021.

Please contact the Reconi help desk if you still have questions about how to prepare in advance.